About Us

Shipping Container Guys is a dedicated container shipping company located. We provide both commercial and industrial container shipping services to all the businesses and industries. We are a team of skilled and certified container shipping experts who are committed to provide you with high quality services at an affordable price.

Our values

At Shipping Container Guys we believe in building a lasting relationship with our clients so that we can understand their needs and requirements and serve them better. We listen to our client’s complaints and questions that they ask when they call us on 800-313-7040 so that we can improve the way we provide our services. We believe that every client and business is different thus we treat each client as an individual and pay attention to the needs and requirements or the client and his or her business as a whole.

Our goals

Shipping Container Guys is not only interested in providing you with high quality services but we also aim at providing all our clients with safe and satisfying services. The safety of our clients’ goods and that of our staff is of great importance to us. We achieve this by ensuring that all our staff is not only experienced and skilled but they also know how to respond in the event of an emergency. We take our staff through a series of training weekly to ensure that they are well prepared to serve our clients. We have also set up some procedures to be strictly followed by our clients and staff during the provision of the service so that we can ensure the safety of the goods.

Our services

All our services are provided by experienced and certified professionals who have a work experience of several years. You can therefore be assured of getting the best from Shipping Container Guys. Shipping Container Guys container shipping services are provided in packages that have been set up to meet the needs of the current market. We can also create a custom package that will suit the needs of your business. Call us today on 800-313-7040 or visit us for more information about our service packages and how we provide the services.

Our clients

We serve businesses and industries located. Most of our clients are businesses that ship and sell their products to different places around the globe. Most clients trust our services thus making us one of the leading container shipping companies. Our quality customer service and our transparency is what set us aside from other container shipping companies. Try out our services today and you can be assured of getting satisfying results.

Shipping Container Guys prides itself in providing high quality containers shipping services at a very affordable price. Both small and large businesses can enjoy our services. If you need to know more about Shipping Container Guys, call us on 800-313-7040 or visit us, and learn more about our services and how we carry out the process of service provision.

Key features

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  • img The largest retailer of shipping containers
  • img Materials impervious to water
  • img Superior durability
  • img Delivery services